Payday loan – How does it work?

Payday Loan

Payday loan – How does it work?

The payday loan from a bank

The personal loan from Yoabank

Furnishing your home, giving a big party, traveling the world, becoming a famous musician … We all have plans that we cherish in our hearts, but for which we do not always have the necessary resources. With the payday loan from bank you can realize all your projects. You thereby benefit from a loan that is tailored to your needs, from the best conditions and from personal advice from a specialist. And because we want to offer our customers the greatest possible certainty, you can also take out insurance. This takes over the payments from your monthly repayments if something happens. Calculate your loan completely free of obligation using our simulator.

The payday loan, how does it work?

The personal loan, how does it work?

  • Submit your credit application online
  • Fill in your credit application, print your contract and send it by post
  • As soon as we have received all your details, we will transfer the credit amount to your bank account.

How to apply? Very easy.

How to apply? Very easy.

The steps in financing your project here in detail:

  • The simulation:
    I determine the best solution for my project with the online simulation of my loan. For that, I indicate the purpose of my project, the cost and the desired monthly installments and duration. I can do as many simulations as I want and I can also save them for viewing at a different time. Finally, I choose the formula that suits me best.
  • The request:
    My simulation is ready and I request the credit that best suits my situation. I send the information that bank needs to analyze my request. For this I fill in a form with my personal details, my income and expenses. bank needs this information to determine whether the loan fits my budget.
  • The analysis:
    My form has been completed and my request has been sent. After the analysis by bank, I immediately receive a basic answer. bank estimates whether my budget remains balanced. This analysis can sometimes take a few days.
  • The contract:
    My request has been accepted. Before I receive the payment on my account, I must correctly complete my contract, sign it and send it back via e-mail. If I don’t have a printer, I can request to receive the contract by post. The documents sent together form my credit contract. I fill in the copies to be returned and send the original documents by post to bank. I also enclose the requested supporting documents.
  • The deposit:
    As soon as bank receives my contract, my information or supporting documents, all documents are checked. This step is important and required to receive the money from my financing within 48 hours on my bank account.
  • The reimbursement:
    bank helped me with confidence to realize my project. I now pay monthly installments for the duration of my contract. bank remains available if I have any questions.

That is how bank guides you to finance and implement your projects.

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