Personal Payday loan

Payday Loan

Personal Payday loan

Quick loans and credits for anyone who needs it, with the possibility of requesting up to € 900, to be repaid in a month and with unbeatable conditions.

Why choose a payday loan?

Why choose quick loan?

You can benefit from payday loans of up to € 900, with a maturity period of up to 30 days and in 10-15 minutes. They are available 24 hours a day and you can get your fast payday loan online in a 100% secure way, without endorsement.

What services does payday loans offer?

What services does it offer?

If you need a quick payday loan they will not give you problems and you can enjoy the money in your account right away.

Within its offer include its easy credit services, micro personal loans, instant credits, quick money for incidentals, online mini credits, 24-hour loans, 10-minute loans and mini credits without paperwork.

If you need to get fast money you will find the solution that best suits, how micro personal loans, online quick loans, mini credits without payroll or endorsement … everything you need you can find it.

You can get up to € 900 in just 10 minutes and without paperwork. If you are new you can only request a maximum of € 300, a fairly common limit on these loans.

Anyway, once you return it the amount for your next loans will also increase. So if you need fast money again do not hesitate to ask again in Qué Bueno, because you will always have the best conditions.

How does it work?

The payday loan is very useful to get money quickly to solve unforeseen especially. In this case, you can get up to € 900, although only € 300 if it is your first loan, and you will not need to justify why you need the money.

To apply for a payday loan, all you have to do is access the web page and use the loan simulator, specifying the amount of money you need and the time for its return.

You will also have to fill in the form with your personal information and verify your identity to complete the application.

In case your loan has been granted you will be notified by email and you will receive the money transfer in just 10 minutes. Once you have been granted the loan you will have a maximum period of up to 30 days to return it.

What requirements are needed?

To apply for a loan, you will not need to provide any documentation or a copy of your ID or bank statements, so the process is greatly streamlined.

To apply for a loan, it will be enough to meet the basic requirements:

  • Be of legal age (+18)
  • Reside in Spain
  • Have a Spanish bank account

Nothing else, in Qué Bueno you will not need an endorsement, or payroll, or justify your income …

Calculate your payday loan online!

Calculate your loan online!

You can request a payday loan in 4 easy steps:

  • Select how much money you need in the calculator and the time to return it
  • Complete the microcredit application in a matter of minutes
  • What Goodwill evaluate your application and they will tell you if they grant you, or not, the payday loan
  • Once granted you will have the money instantly, in about 10 minutes

Use the Payday Loan Calculator to indicate how much money and how much time you need to return it. In this case, you can select:

  • Loans from € 1 to € 900 (€ 300 if this is your first loan)
  • To return it in just 1 day or up to 30 days.

They are totally transparent and that is why in the loan calculator they will offer you all the information regarding your request so that you have all the conditions clear before making a decision about the loan.

The credits of Good is 2424.60%, although you must take into account that it is an annual measure and that the loans last between 24 hours and a month. In any case, the rate will be higher the shorter the duration of the loan.

How to return a loan?

To return the loan you will simply have to access your account once the term has been met and click on ‘ Return Now ‘. This way you can make a charge on your debit card to pay the loan.

Obviously, it is important that you have enough money in your account so that they do not have any problems and can make the payment without difficulties.

On the other hand, it is also interesting that you know that offers you the possibility of anticipating the payment of the loan whenever you want. This means that you can return it at any time before it expires if you already have enough money.

In this way, if you return the loan early you can save because you will only be charged interest from the day you received the loan until the day you return it.

What are the consequences of delays or non-payment?

Payday loan and cash

To avoid penalties, the best thing you can do is repay the loan on time. If you do not do it they can claim the following amounts:

  • The day of non-payment will begin the claim, and you will have to pay € 10
  • From day 15 from the non-payment you will have to pay € 5 for the expenses incurred
  • After 75 days of non-payment, you will have to pay another € 5 for the expenses incurred

As for the payday loan in a non-payment situation, this will continue generating the daily agreed interest, that is, 0.99% over the initial value.

On the other hand, you should know that do not carry out extensions, which means that if you can not pay the loan quickly in time you will have to face the charges that we have just commented.

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