New terms of the housing reform loan


New terms of the housing reform loan

The reference entity has relaunched its housing reform loan once again, aimed at financing all the modifications that are planned to be carried out in the home, where the possibility of accessing a series of interest rate bonuses during the first two years is highlighted. years.

Also, as of 3 years, the firm guarantees the reduction in the monthly payment, a boost to the offer in question, which can be contracted personally at the branch.

Regarding this last advantage, it is necessary to keep in mind that it will depend directly on the degree of connection that the client presents after 3 years.

The interest rate will be fixed during the first 2 years, therefore, the owner of the loan will previously know the amount of the monthly fee.

Financing of up to 80% of the corresponding budget is guaranteed based on the reform to be carried out.

With a repayment term that may reach the limit of 10 years.

Another advantage to be highlighted is the bonus at the opening commission level of the operation.

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