Loan for older people within reach

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Since a few weeks the rules for obtaining a mortgage with National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG) have been extended. Because of these changes, seniors (57+), who have a different house in mind, can borrow more easily and with NHG.

The new rules do not apply to everyone or are not interesting for everyone. You are eligible if you already receive AOW or if you reach the AOW age within ten years. You now have a mortgage and you want to keep your interest, which belongs to your new mortgage, for a longer period of time.


View actual charges

Previously, when applying for a new mortgage, only a 100 percent annuity mortgage was used. A mortgage, in which you pay both interest and repayment. Many over-57s have a (partly) interest-only mortgage, which means that your actual expenses are lower than the previous test charges. With the changes in the conditions for a mortgage with NHG, lenders look specifically at your overall situation. Your actual monthly costs are taken as the starting point. It is important that you can pay for a longer time. When you apply for an NHG mortgage now, you can choose between the above two methods of testing.


Who knows, your move will suddenly come true. A mortgage through NHG offers security. This is because such a mortgage meets the standards for responsible lending. This way you can be sure that you never borrow too much and that you have enough left-over costs for other expenses in addition to your monthly housing costs. In addition, NHG offers a reliable safety net when you unexpectedly have to deal with changing personal circumstances.